In Honor of Earth Day...

In honor of earth day I thought I'd write about a practice I've undertaken in my business and personal life for the last year -removing my name from mass mailings. How much of the mail you receive each day is simply pitched into "File 13" unopened and unread? Well instead of simply pitching, I now take the time to remove my name from the mailing list, and then pitch (of course into the recycle bin).

Happily there is a great organization on the web -that makes this process a little simpler. It's called Catalog Choice.org. This organization has a great website where you simply search for the company whose catalog you no longer want to receive -select it, fill out any additional information requested and your done! They will submit the request and hopefully in a few weeks you will find you are no longer receiving those catalogs. And the best part? This site is absolutely free (though you can make a donation to help fund their operation if you choose)

It's good for the economy and good for the earth. Think how much money is wasted printing and mailing those catalogs? Wouldn't that money be better spent on JOBS!! And let's not mention how much landfill these catalogs create.

Please do your part and start removing your name from unwanted catalog mailings instead of just pitching the catalogs into your recycle bin...every little green thing we do helps makes the world a better place.