Surviving Your Serengeti-7 Skills to Master Business and LIfe by Stefan Swanepoel

Recently I was given a complimentary copy of this New York Times Bestseller book through Booksneeze.com. I should preface my review of this book with the fact that I'm not usually a big fan of self-improvement books. In fact even though I'm an avid reader, they rarely make it into my reading repertoire. This book was different -it was captivating and thought provoking.

This book is about a couple on an African safari who meet up with an enigmatic old friend. The friend affords the couple the opportunity to witness many different animal species and the skills they use to survive as they make their annual thousand mile migration across the wild and changing Serengeti.

The couple watch and learn how each animal has adapted to life on the Serengeti and how humanity can learn by watching and using the same principals in our personal and business lives to further our goals.

Which animal are you?

Are you the enduring Wildebeest who has the steadfast ability to hold on for one more day?
The strategic Lion who has a road map to define and achieve its goals?
Or are you the graceful giraffe who has more than style and finesse, but also does the right thing.
Maybe you are the Cheetah, master of efficiency, optimizing all resources to achieve the best results.
How about the enterprising Crocodile who explores all options and boldly seizes opportunity?
Are you the Mongoose who takes calculated risks as an essential part of every journey?
Lastly you might be the Elephant the effective communicator who delivers its message.

If after reading the book you can't decide, you can go to http://www.whatanimalamI.com and take a quiz. I'm not sure about the Quiz though...it said I was an Elephant, I would have thought I was the Cheetah. Perhaps I'm a bit of both.